1:1 Coaching

Stride Coaching works with private and corporate clients. We offer both 1:1 and Team Coaching which is delivered by Dr Phil Coan.

How does Phil coach?

Phil’s coaching draws upon both her PhD in behaviour change and professional experience to help you better craft and achieve your personal and professional goals. By using a combination of support and challenge Phil encourages experimenting with alternative ways of thinking and doing. Her action-led approach means you’ll leave a session knowing exactly what to put into practice to stride forward towards your goals.

Previous clients worked with Phil to

  • Develop their careers and align work with core values
  • Identify their unique set of strengths and know when and how to apply them
  • Navigate internal politics and challenging relationships with colleagues
  • Inspire, engage and motivate their team
  • Manage performance anxiety and increase their impact at work
"My coaching with Phil has been nothing short of transformational"
"Our sessions resulted in countless improvements to my day to day working"
"I now have so much more confidence"
"Phil made me a better version of myself"
"My time with Phil was incredibly valuable"
"Phil helped me gain a fresh and self-aware perspective"
"Phil’s coaching has accelerated the progress and success of our company"


Clarity on your goals

Clear steps to achieve them

Confidence to go for it!

Research shows coaches with a background in psychology are significantly more effective at positively impacting job performance*

*Bozer, G., Sarros, J.C. & Santora, J.C. (2014). Academic background and credibility in executive coaching effectiveness. Personnel Review, 43, 881-897.

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