Team Coaching

Stride Coaching works with private and corporate clients. We offer both 1:1 Coaching and Team Coaching which is delivered by Dr Phil Coan.

What is team coaching?

A co-creative and reflective process with a team, providing both challenge and support over a period of time, to inspire them to maximise their collective abilities and potential to achieve their performance goals and purpose (International Coaching Federation, 2019).


  • Align team on a common purpose
  • Identify potential blind-spots to performance
  • Develop clearer priorities, strategies & ways of working
  • Develop shared leadership
  • Build stronger working relationships
  • Raise awareness of team’s preferences
  • Utilise differences within the team for optimum value
  • Improve the team’s collective capacity to deliver
  • Jointly transform the wider business

Example Areas of Development worked through via Team Coaching

Collective Leadership

What are the team’s common goals? How can the team take collective responsibility and have shared accountability for common goals? What changes need to take place for the team, rather than the individuals within it?

KPI Awareness

What does ‘good’ look like for the team? What’s stopping the team performing at their best?


How do you have higher quality conversations? How do you build trust, empathy, support and challenge? How can you create an environment where you have difficult conversations?

Team Dynamics

How well does the team work together as a collective unit rather than as individuals? How do we utilise differences across the team for optimum value?

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